The National Corpus of Polish Cheatsheet

Adam Przepiórkowski, Aleksander Buczyński, Jakub Wilk

This document contains excerpts from the publication The IPI PAN Corpus: Preliminary version. (This version was modified in March 2006 in order to take into account changes in the 2nd edition of the IPI PAN Corpus, as well as in April 2010 and October 2011, to take into account changes in the National Corpus of Polish.)

1 Segmentation
2 Tagset
2.1 Grammatical categories
2.2 Grammatical classes
3 Query Language
3.1 Searching for orthographic forms
3.2 Searching for base forms
3.3 Higher order queries
3.4 Searching for tags
3.5 Ambiguities
3.6 Constraining matches to sentences or paragraphs
3.7 Constraining matches with metadata
3.8 Aligning matches